• BDNY has just closed its doors and and we are still breathing the thrilling atmosphere of sharing and exchanging our thoughts and experiences with you.
    The mosaics we displayed received a great deal of appreciation and were source for inspiring meetings.

  • An antique Japanese screen with a gold background from the Momoyama period applied on a big surface shows shades of gold that cannot be reproduced with ceramics or other materials.
    The outcome is a refined painted effect where the gold leaf in the image is intensified by the internal reflecting layer of the mini planking tiles used.

  • A great amount of attention was captured by the silver dots application in our texture collection; the colours available are fern, coral and marine even though this silver and gold version was the real center of attention.
    MYMOSAIC can reproduce shimmering metallic effects providing an elegant shine to this San Francisco Hotel bathroom wall.

  • A nice example of collapsed texture, one of the exclusive effects MYMOSAIC can feature, provides this Florida showroom wall with a touch of sophistication and originality.
    The collapsed texture can be applied horizontally or vertically without posing limits to the Designer imagination.

  • The pluses of Mymosaic are that it is lasting, shock-proof to trolleys and carts, and is certified and patented as self-extinguishing.
    Then there is the personalization that also makes it possible to add the number of guestroom or the floor to the mosaic.

  • A lightweight, convertible and eclectic material is what MYMOSAIC is made of: the essence of a challenge.
    MYMOSAIC TEXTURES Collection our aim is to recreate oriental atmospheres though revised in colors and depth, to discover optical games enriched in new shades, to explore unusual geometries combined with trendy colors.

  • The transformation of a graphic or photographic image into a mosaic leads naturally to the evolution of MYMOSAIC towards a signature mosaic, yet with an extra touch: the cooperation with artists who can uniquely provide us with emotions to be transferred on a wall.

  • Inventions, and the capacity to express, produce and refine the techniques of realization.
    Because vision, talent and technology make MYMOSAIC an unrivalled product for contract supplies in the fields of architecture and interior design.


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E-mail : info@my-mosaic.net

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