Mosaic beyond the limits

Here below you can discover why MYMOSAIC distinguishes itself from the rest of the mosaic wall cladding tiles you can find on the market.

: Low Thickness

With only 0.07 inches (2 mm) of thickness MYMOSAIC can be applied onto all surfaces, particularly - in case of renovation - onto existing tiles or covering.

: Lightweight

With only 3.9 ounces per square foot (1.2 kg per square meter) MYMOSAIC can be applied onto all surfaces. Particularly, it can fit onto drywalls, ceilings, furniture, elevators and all those materials with low weight bearing features.

: Flexibility

MYMOSAIC is flexible and capable of wrapping around curved shapes.


: Outdoor

MYMOSAIC tiles are outdoor resistant and highly durable in time.

MYMOSAIC can inspire various applications thanks to its high performances with any weather conditions.

: Backlit

In addition to all the other innovative features, MYMOSAIC can also be backlit providing original optical effects.

: Easy to Install

MYMOSAIC arrangement is very intuitive. Each tile is sequentially numbered and an assembly diagram is provided in order to help you during MYMOSAIC application.

: Fits any wall

MYMOSAIC can expand the image on endless surfaces: THE LIMIT IS YOUR WALL!

Fits any wall

: Anti-Slippery

MYMOSAIC successfully passed the slippery coefficient test! You can now lay your favorite mosaic wall cladding tiles on floors on high humidity and pool side areas (upon request).