: Jonathan Brender

Artist Jonathan Brender wants to make more than art. He wants to influence the art world into appreciating each piece by the effort and time it takes for the artist to create a masterpiece.

Jonathan created his own pointillism style, which he called "Point Flowers".

Each piece is handmade, one of a kind, containing tens of thousands of colored painted dots, creating a truly remarkable, beautiful and original piece of art.
The collaboration between the Artist and MYMOSAIC gives the Artist the chance to realize his designs not only on his canvas, but even on a resistant innovative material able to be expanded on big scales: an exclusive chic mosaic fit for outdoor applications, thanks to its innate atmospheric agents’ resistance, as well as graffiti and pressure washing proof.

MYMOSAIC has become the perfect interpreter for Jonathan’s Art. Some of his work with MYMOSAIC can be seen at City of Hallandale Beach; Reviving Fashion Row Project, Atlantic Village Mall in Hallandale Beach and soon at USA Public Transportation Projects including airports.

Main image of the collection
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