MYMOSAIC is a tile covering in a patented self-extinguishing nanopolymer that reproduces any digital image in a totally customized mosaic and, with tesserae in many shapes and sizes. MYMOSAIC fits for indoor, outdoor and pools.
: Collections
MYMOSAIC collections have been designed using its unique features in an innovative way. The collections merge standard and special elements, creating unexpected and incomparable effects. Shapes flexibility and digital technique have been used to design our collections composed of four main lines:

It combines the exclusive MYMOSAIC shapes with the neatness of white, only sometimes touched by colors or brightened by refined spatula effects.


It plays on hues of color and unexpected geometries, succeeding again in surprising with effects that cannot be reproduced with other materials.


Illustrations, photographs and paintings by artists, reproduced by MYMOSAIC add a special aura to the settings presented in this collection.


A collection inspired by traditional tiles as majolicas, blends, black and white but always with MYMOSAIC original signature.


The design team was inspired by the beauty of natural world, integrating nature with the abstract interpretation of wild landscape.


Walking the path we discover a unique balance between colors, shapes and textures that creates a relaxing atmophere, in a deep respect of sense of being.

: Contacts

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: Case History
Small and big projects: each one with its charm testifying how MYMOSAIC is unique and flexible. Each setting takes a special taste if you use a product as unique as MYMOSAIC, whether you choose the photographic version or its unique collections.

: Middle-East Spa

Il Designer ha scelto le piastrelle MYMOSAIC poiché sono impermeabili e…

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: Atlantic Village

L'artista Jonathan Brender vuole fare più che arte. Vuole influenzare il mondo…

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: Planet Hollywood

Il Planet Hollywood Hotel di Las Vegas, proprietà di Caesars Entertainment, è…

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: Latest News
MYMOSAIC never sleeps: it always introduces an innovative touch to catch your interest and surprise you every time.

But we strongly believe in our…

MYMOSAIC interpretation of LEATHER on mosaic tiles stands out for its velvety touch effect, unreachable with a…