: Rigour And Transgression

British inspiration with contemporary inserts for the coctail lounge of a membership hotel in a historic building. The attention is caught by the reproduction, in Medium6 Square tesserae, of a detail by equine portrait photographer Anna Smolens. Exclusivity, a sense of belonging and coolness are the keywords for this setting. Behind the antique rusticated wooden counter there is a bright bottle stand, a golden cornice screens the light and in the foreground there is a Chesterfield couch and an offbeat armchair. The white photo mount framing the image in the centre of the wall is in Medium3 Square matte tesserae giving a velvet effect, with the glossy black Regular Arch variation applied to the back wall. Here MYMOSAIC demonstrates the perfect coplanarity between the different shapes and forms of tesserae, and their perfect juxtaposition using tailor-made finishes.